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SDPC Social Membership Just Got Better!


We’re adding more perks as time goes on… this year… VALET.  Yup!  On Opening Day and other large events, we’ll offer valet services for all guests at a slight fee, but our Social Members just need to flash their membership card and *POOF*, complimentary valet.

Our basic social membership includes admission for 2 every Sunday, free tailgating, invitations to all social events, and free preferred parking (or valet when its available).  We have some other perks that include rental of our Clubhouse for up to 50 guests, free upgrades to VIP tent when available and 10% off SDPC apparel. 

The Clubhouse Happy Hour is something most people don’t take advantage of, but it’s a great spot to host a BBQ, graduation party, or birthday party.  Basically, we open the Clubhouse bar and help organize your event.  We ask that you use our bar (beer, wine, cocktails all very reasonably priced) and clean up after yourselves.  Often times, we have practice games on the surrounding fields, and the venue is just magical at sundown.  It’s a great way to introduce your family and friends to your polo club.

As far as events, we have a couple on the calendar right now and hopefully a few more that will pop up later in the season.  The basic membership comes with 2 tickets to each event.

The first event on our calendar is the annual Kick-Off Party with golf cart polo, drinks and music.  May 30.


Cinepolis is hosting Movie Night with an all ages showing of Lone Ranger.  We have the whole theater to ourselves! Date TBD.


The Red Baron Bash is back!  A dozen antique biplanes will fly in and members are welcome to snap photos with the planes and pilots.  July 6.

Crash & Burn is an all-time favorite with end of the year skits and silly awards.  Sept 28.

I’m very excited about the upcoming season and we have a lot of fun stuff planned for our members.  Our basic Social Membership is $350 and includes everything listed above.  If you are interested in becoming a member, give us a shout: lindsey@sandiegopolo.com

See you on the field!

USPA Rossmore Cup Finals

What a day!  We knew the finals of the USPA Rossmore Cup was going to be a nail-biter, but we had no idea we’d have two crashes, two red flags, over time, and a run-away horse.

Alisha Wray -1 (SUB: Colton Bancroft in 6-7 Chukkers)
Ashton Wolf 3
Gaston VonWernich 5
Chris Maloney 1

Hanalei Bay:
Krista Bonaguidi -1
Alvaro Tadeo 3
Mariano Fassetta 6
Ron Bonaguidi 0

The teams were practically snarling at each other after the national anthem was sung and before the first ball throw in.  Things started off hot in the first chukker.  Mariano scored one for Hanalei Bay and Gaston scored two penalty hits for Tritech/Princeps.  In the chukkers to follow, more fouls resulted in  more penalty shots.  By half time, the score was close, 6 to 5 Tritech/Princeps in the lead.

By the 6th chukker, the score was 10 to 9, Hanalei Bay slowly taking the lead.  With 3 minutes remaining, Alvaro Tadeo checked once, checked twice and couldn’t stop his horse.  His horse ran into and knocked patrona, Alisha Wray off her horse.  Alisha fell, got the wind knocked out of her and hit her head.  She was out for a couple of minutes and was attended to by the onsite EMTs.  She was then transported to Scripps Hospital for observation.   She is home now, resting with her family and is in good spirits.

After Alisha was taken out of the game, 14 year old Colton Bancroft ran back to his barn to grab his whites and a horse and entered the game in Alisha’s place.  With a minute and 30 seconds left in the chukker, Colton had a break away and scored a goal to tie up the match.  The crowd went absolutely wild.

The match went into over time and both teams were fighting hard for that first goal to win the USPA Rossmore Cup Finals.  Mariano Fassetta was bumped by Ashton Wolf, hit the horse’s head with his diaphragm, it knocked the wind out of him and he and his horse went down. The horse took off running to the barns, Diego Cossio picked up his friend on his motorcycle and took him back to the tie rails.  The horse passed the barns and looped back to the tie rails.

 Mariano mounted  a new horse and got back on the field.  Alvaro Tadeo took the penalty 3 shot for Mariano and scored the winning goal for Hanalei Bay!

Raita, owned by Chris Maloney and played by Gaston Von Wernich in the 3rd chukker, won Best Playing Pony of the USPA Rossmore Cup.