Woodford Reserve Polo Classic


       This last Sunday, July 15th marked the celebration of the Woodford Reserve Polo Classic.  Woodford Reserve hosted VIP members and guests in the Polo Lounge treating guests to an assortment of tantalizing specialty Woodford cocktails.  The lounge was adorned to reflect the brand’s signature colors of rich browns and glowing oranges and was complete with lounge furniture so that VIP guests could watch the action-packed polo matches in the epitome of comfort.


      In addition, the San Diego Polo Club and Woodford Reserve teamed up with the Del Mar Race Track.  The Club gave away tickets for Opening Day at the races to anyone who purchased a Woodford crafted beverage.  Woodford Reserve also offered tastings to Sunday’s polo enthusiasts including drinks by the names of Spreckles and Hair of the Horse, names that embody the polo spirit.


      Land Rover of San Diego, another sponsor of the 2012 San Diego Polo Season, was also featured last Sunday.  The Range Rover that was on display emanated both polo luxury and comfort and epitomized the ultimate car to tail-gate in on Polo Sundays.


      Intermission between polo matches featured the engaging Ballistic Racers Flyball Team.  Flyball is a captivating competition involving two teams of dogs that participate in a relay race involving agility, collaboration, and astounding training.  This is truly a sight to be seen. 


      Polo Sunday kicked off with a match at 1PM featuring the teams of Starmeadow/Adeptus and San Judas/La Pasion.  In chukker one, Diego Cossio of San Judas/La Pasion was first to score. By the end of the first chukker, San Judas/La Pasion was in the lead with three points to Starmeadow/Adeptus’ one point scored by Colton Bancroft.

In the second chukker, Joseph Stuart brought Starmeadow/Adeptus back with a goal.  In the third chukker, the women on the field took charge with both teams scoring a goal a piece-Colleen Wilson for Starmeadow/Adeptus and Tracee Brunetti for San Judas/ La Pasion.

San Judas/La Pasion took the opportunity to pull ahead in the fourth and fifth chukkers with two goals scored by Tracee Brunetti and one by Gaston Von Wernich.  In the fifth chukker, Graham Bray scored a goal for Starmeadow/Adeptus.

Going into the sixth and final chukker, Starmeadow/Adeptus had four points while San Judas/La Pasion was in the lead with eight points. While Diego Cossio of San Judas/La Pasion scored a goal in the last chukker, Starmeadow/Adeptus fought to the very end scoring three goals between Joseph Stuart and Graham Bray.  The sixth chukker proved to be an exciting conclusion to this action-packed match with San Judas/La Pasion taking the win with nine points to Starmeadow/Adeptus’ seven points.


      In the second polo match of the day, the teams of Hanalei Bay and Woodford Reserve took to the field in a fierce competition of skill and riding.  In the first chukker, Mike Kerly of team Woodford was the first to score.  Mariano Fassetta, of Hanalei Bay, came back to score two goals while Mariano Guteriez of Woodford tied up the first chukker-Hanalei Bay 2: Woodford 2.

The second and third chukkers were met with equal talent on behalf of both teams. Between the two chukkers, Mariano Fassetta and Ron Bonaguidi scored one goal each for Hanalei Bay, two points that were matched by Mariano Guteriez of Woodford Reserve.   By the end of the third chukker, Hanalei Bay was in the lead with 5:4.

The match between Hanalei Bay and Woodford Reserve took a turn in the fourth chukker as team Woodford sprang ahead scoring four goals.  Woodford Reserve player Ellen Greenhill scored two goals during the fourth chukker, followed by fellow teammates Bryon Ward and Mike Kerley.

In the fifth chukker, Hanalei Bay’s Mariano Fassetta answered Woodford’s lead by single-handedly scoring three goals for Hanalei Bay bringing them back into the game.  The fifth chukker came to a gripping conclusion with both teams tied at eight points.

The sixth chukker proved to be the most momentous as both teams exemplified skilled horsemanship and teamwork.  The match began with a goal for Hanalei Bay by Mariano FassettaMariano Guterriez tied the chukker by scoring a goal for Woodford Reserve.  The action-packed matched came to a close with Fassetta’s goal giving the win to Hanalei Bay with a final score of Hanalei Bay 10: Woodford Reserve 9.


      If you missed this cup hosted by Woodford Reserve, join us on September 16 for the Herradura Cup featuring their one-of-a-kind tequila.  This event happens to fall on Mexican Independence day and is sure to be one of the many highlights of the 2012 Polo Season.


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